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Brittney Griner: A Play by Play Update

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Brittney Griner: A Play by Play Update


It is a complete and utter tragedy that Brittney Griner isn't in the United States today. Griner has been recently been sentenced to nine years in a Russian prison for drug smuggling. She has been in Russia for more than five months. I am here to provide an up to date play by play of what has been going on since I last spoke about Brittney Griner. Here is the link to my previous article.

Yesterday, August 15, 2022 is when Griners lawyers sent an appeal in motion for her nine year sentence. Her defense team only had 10 days to submit an appear for this egregious sentence.



Sunday, August 7- The US ambassador for the United Nations, Bill Richardson is confident that Griner and Paul Whelan can be brought home via a prisoner swap. A prisoner swap is when two opposing places create a deal to release prisoners.

 August 5 - Russia says they are ready to discuss the idea of a prisoner swap. But Russia does say to the United States, don't rely on public diplomacy. A Kremlin representative did say 

The Americans have already made that mistake, suddenly deciding to use megaphone diplomacy to resolve these issues,” Peskov said


August 4- President Biden slams Russia for wrongfully detaining Brittney Griner and calls it unacceptable

 August 3- Griners teammates took to social media to work on the case for leniency

 July 26- Defense focuses on the medical use of cannibis  

 July 7-  Griner asks for mercy and pleads guilty

July 4- Griner makes a direct appeal and contact with President Joe Biden


June 25- The United States House of Representatives passed a resolution that calls for Griners immediate release


Tuesday May 17- Cherelle Griner calls for everyone to act on this justice.


We need to be aware of the treatment of black women athletes and know what we can do to help fight injustices against them. Linked here is a petition by to help secure Brittneys safe return to the United States.






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