Aurora Tights designs performance apparel for dancers and ice skaters in all skin tones, shapes, and sizes. The Aurora team is comprised of a solo figure skater, a synchronized ice skater, and a dancer. As competitive athletes, we were forced to wear tights, mesh, and other paraphernalia in the wrong skin tone because our shades were not readily available.


The lack of color variety posed a drawback for performance athletes because it is not aesthetically appealing to the eye and frustrating to practice your passion while being in someone else’s skin. Also, the overall appearance of a performer is judged in performance sports, unlike traditional sports.

Self-dyeing tights later inspired the first phase of Aurora Tights. When we started the company, we formulated recipes to create ten unique shades across the color spectrum. While this method was ideal for individual skaters, the results were not consistent enough for team sports like dance teams and synchronized skating. In team disciplines, performers need precisely the same shade. Our experiences self-dyeing is reflective of the process for the performance community as a whole. Self-dyeing is an option for athletes, but it is messy, time-consuming, expensive, and experimental to find the right shade.