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Aurora Tights creates athletic apparel for dancers and ice skaters in all shades and sizes.

The Aurora team is comprised of a synchronized ice skater, a solo figure skater, and a competitive dancer. Imani, Jasmine, and Sydney attended the University of Maryland College Park and are sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. In September 2017, Jasmine and Imani were in the midst of coaching a synchronized ice skating team. Their team was filled with diverse skaters of all shades and sizes but they only had one option for tights.

Growing up, Jasmine would dye her tights in a bathtub before every competition, and the process was time-consuming, messy, experimental, and expensive. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Imani grew up wearing tights too pale for her complexion. After sharing their stories, Jasmine and Imani knew there was an unmet need in the performance apparel industry. Based on her experience, Jasmine knew together they could dye tights to match performers’ unique skin tone. The duo voiced the idea to Sydney, a lifetime competitive dancer who also performed in tights several shades fairer than her complexion. In December 2017, Aurora Tights was created, and the three vowed to work toward making performance sports more inclusive and creating apparel that allows ALL athletes to perform in color.


Both figure skating and dance are diversifying rapidly. To best support this inclusive environment, we need to change the definition of beauty in performance sports. To do this, the first step is ensuring that all performers have apparel in their unique skin tone. Currently, there is a whole population of performers who do not have tights that match their skin color or do not like the shades that are available to them. We strive to make sure women and girls, just like us, feel comfortable in their skin and excel at their athletic passions.


As lifetime performers ourselves, we experienced not having tights in our skin tone. We either wore tights that were meant to fit lighter complexions or had to dye our tights ourselves. In turn, we grew up experiencing dips in confidence, isolation, a sense of not belonging all because of the color of our tights. Now we have decided to be part of the solution. We founded Aurora Tights, an athletic apparel business, but more importantly, a safe space, which celebrates women and girls of all skin complexions and sizes.