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our story

Aurora Tights sells athletic apparel for dancers and ice skaters in all shades and sizes.

The Aurora team is comprised of a solo figure skater, a synchronized ice skater, and a dancer. As competitive athletes, we were forced to wear tights, mesh, and other paraphernalia in the wrong skin tone because our shades were not readily available.


This lack of color variety poses a drawback for performance athletes because it is not aesthetically appealing to the eye and frustrating to practice your passion while being in someone else’s skin. Also, the overall appearance of a performer is judged in performance sports, unlike traditional sports.


The creation of Aurora Tights is meant to be a burst of light and acceptance in the world of performance sports. This is a safe space keeping women of all skin complexions and sizes in mind. We strive to make sure woman and girls, just like us, feel comfortable in their skin and excel at their athletic passions.


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