Aurora Tights is a community for adults and children of all shades and sizes created for athletes by athletes. We fill a long-standing need for an unheard market by offering shade and size inclusivity in performance athletic gear, such as tights. While we are a for-profit company, our social impact mission is directly baked into our business model. Supporting and empowering minority athletes to stay involved in their passions, is the fundamental driver of Aurora. 

According to Dance Magazine, ‘Organizations that want to diversify need to start by creating an environment that is color-friendly.’ Currently, there is a whole population of performers who do not have tights that match their skin color or do not like the shades that are available to them. Aurora Tights strives to make sure all athletes feel comfortable in their skin, excel at their athletic passions, and have a long-lasting tenure in their sport.


On August 17th, 2020 the Aurora Tights team, in partnership with key stakeholders and non-profits across the dance and skating industries, hosted the Perform In Color Showcase. This was the first of many events seeking to empower performers in these vulnerable communities to continue their athletic passion. We are so proud to announce that because of ticket donations, and in partnership with Microsoft, we have raised $13,000 for performers in need! With $2,000 going to our scholarship awardees, $11,000 will be split amongst our five non-profit partners for the Perform In Color Showcase: Dance Institute of Washington, Diversify Ice, Figure Skating Diversity & Inclusion Alliance, Figure Skating in Harlem, and PHILADANCO. Please read more about the scholarship award recipients below.

FAITH KELLY - Faith was our first performer of the night! Faith danced to “Feeling Good”, choreographed by Ashante Green. She has danced with the Dance Institute of Washington for seven seasons and was nominated by them for this award. She is a graduating senior from Fort Washington, Maryland.

JADA SEYMOUR - Jada is a 10-year-old with a spunky attitude and loving spirit who is passionate about ice skating. She was nominated for this scholarship by Figure Skating in Detroit and skates through their program. In the words of her grandmother Jayda has become a strong, responsible, and caring individual. As part of the Figure Skating in Detroit program, she has learned about sisterhood, how to manage her money, STEM, and (best of all) how to use her imagination to achieve whatever she sets her mind to do.

Please feel free to enjoy the program book, playlist and video recap of the show.