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Perform In Color: Highlighting Passion and Sportsmanship

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Perform In Color: Highlighting Passion and Sportsmanship

It's about that time again. The Perform in Color Awards are coming to a feed near you. The Perform in Color Awards are happening September 15th, 2022. It's at 7pm, ET. 

(From Left to right, Jasmine Snead, Sydney Parker and Imani Rickerby, the three cofounders of Aurora Tights)

There is a mission to The Perform in Color awards. The goals are to raise funds for non profits  and provide resources for athletes of color. Sadly, a lot athletes of color who have the talent to go further in their performance career don't do it because of their lack of resources. That is heightened by financial stress and a global pandemic that has changed the world of sports and viewership. As a solution, Aurora Tights decided to start the Perform in Color Awards. It is to highlight performers and athletes talents while encouraging them to keep pursuing their passions, despite the odds.

 (Past winner of Aurora Tights scholarship)

At the previous Perform In Color awards, over $13,000 was divided equally to the partners involved. Two $1000 awards were awarded to one skater and one dancer to help with the costs of classes and gear. The Perform In Color awards even hosted 300 people virtually.

There are three awards at the Perform In Color Ceremony. The awards are as followed: The Ignite Performer Award, the Northern Lights Coach Award and the Ms./Mr. Aurora Award.  The Ignite Performer award is awarded to a young performer and parent. It is for a performer that has displayed hard work, confidence and dedication to their sport of choice. The Northern Lights coach award is for a coach or program director who is lovingly dedicated to help performers reach their full potential. Lastly, the Aurora Award is for a performer who has displayed Aurora's values of athleticism, sisterhood and Inclusivity.

This will be a great sight to see. Be on the look out get your tickets at the link below. You can even apply to be apart of the awards.


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