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Kelis: A Creative Force to Be Reckoned With

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Kelis: A Creative Force to Be Reckoned With

Kelis is an artistic icon. She is on Pinterest boards, her looks still go viral on Twitter and Tumblr and her music still pushes boundaries to this day. What really impresses me about Kelis is her ability to always stand up for herself and push forward despite the odds. She is the definition of a force to be reckoned with.

Kelis has always been outside the box.  Her first album, Kaleidoscope had the smash hit "Caught Out There". The catchy chorus had her screaming "I hate you so much right now", channeling her anger so fiercely. Then she conquered to world with her worldwide hit, Milkshake, on her third album, Tasty. Critics and producers alike tried to put her in a box. She was even was called hard to place. Or in other words, they couldn't put her in this mainstream box where she is easily marketable as a black artist. She refused to be restricted in just a hip hop/rnb box that black people are usually put in. Her "in your face"style and distinctive tone of voice made her stand out undoubtedly. She has made, soul music, dance music and hip hop music. If she was costumed in a shade for Aurora Tights, she would be in the shade, True. 





 Kelis is now a chef. She studied at the Le Cordon Bleu in 2008. She is a saucier ( a chef who specializes in sauces. She debuted her sauce line called Bounty and Full, in 2015. Her first cookbook, pictured above, also debuted in 2015.  She now appears on the cooking show Cooking With Cannabis, available on Netflix. 

I think Kelis is an epitome of a true artist and multi faceted human with different talents. She is a wonderful idea of someone who has divested from the path and figured life out as it happened.  

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