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11 Tips to Prepare for Back to School

Posted by Aurora Tights on
11 Tips to Prepare for Back to School

School is going back in session soon. At Aurora Tights, there is a love for education and pursuing your passions while #PerformingInColor. There is always a way to make the adjustments of going back to school for parents, kids and everyone in between. Below, I provide 11 tips to make going back to school easier. 

1) Buy Tights- You are going to need tights and apparel for school. You can have tights for your school uniform. You can have tights for performances. You can have tights for extracurricular activities. You can get some good quality shade inclusive tights here.

2) Stock up on Supplies- For school, you definitely need some supplies. You make it fun for yourself/ your child by getting fun or themed supplies for them.


3) Magnetic Calendar or planner- You should definitely invest in a magnetic calendar. There are big ones and small ones. I think the best option would be a magnetic calendar in your kitchen or living room where anyone can see.



4) Create a homework station- When there's time for homework there's no need for distraction. Having a designated place to do your work is pivotal for success. 

5) Choose Outfits- You can avoid frantic morning by laying out your clothes/planning outfits in advance. Now you can sleep in a little bit more.

6) Create a morning routine now- This goes hand in hand with choosing your outfit. Being prepared is key. It is also good to set your day off on a relaxing note.


7) Play word or board games- Word games can help increase your knowledge and it a fun way to learn.

8) Read Everyday- It doesn't have to be a long book. It can be any length. But reading every day, like playing word games will help knowledge increase.

9) Make a motivational/ wake up playlist- I am a big proponent of while having a routine to keep you in on track. However, It can be fun too. Get motivated and have fun and sing along to your favorite tracks while getting ready for the day.


10) Have dedicated tv free time-  This goes hand in hand with having a homework station. You should have private, quiet time to be able to complete your work with ease.


11) Stick to bedtime routine-  It is not just the morning of school that matter, it is the night routine that matters too. Make yourself ready for success. Get a good night sleep. Pack your lunch. Pack your book bag. Hang up your outfit for the next day.

All of these tips will help you have a successful school year. It will make your life a bit simpler and help you get more organized. 

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