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Brittney Griner: A Pawn in a Corrupt System

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Brittney Griner: A Pawn in a Corrupt System

(Video Credit:ABCNews)

Brittney Griner was detained last month and no one is talking about it. Brittney is a a seven time All Star WNBA player. She was detained in February for having vape cartridges in her bag at the Sheremetyevo Airport near Moscow. That was filed as a drug charge, which can end up as a 10 year jail sentence. Usually during America's off season, WNBA players compete in Russia. They can get a higher salary. Griner has played for the Russian Team UMMC Ekaterinburg since 2014. This move has been orchestrated by Putins regime in Russia. Moreso, this case has escalated the hostility between Russia and the West. The U.S. Embassy couldn't help her either. One thing thats strange is, why are we just hearing about this?

Brittney Griner is a complete foil to that narrative.


Citizens see the announcement of Griners arrest as way for Americans to see that they are not above the law. We do not even know if Griner committed the crime. Even so, she shouldn't have 10 years in prison for minor drug charges. There's no law that would allow that long of a prison sentence would happen. This arrest has been noted by experts as a "distraction from failed attacks of the Ukraine." Sadly, Russia isn't in a hurry to do the right thing and release Griner. Griner is a pawn that can be used to bait the U.S. into doing what Russia wants. This is terrible and unwarranted. In addition to her being used as an example because of her high profile, Griner is probably getting targeted because she is gay. Right after she got drafted in the WNBA in 2013, Griner talked about her sexuality. Under Putins regime, there have been countless examples of homosexual persecution to assert control. Putin is admired by far right, white supremacist Americans associated with white, Christian nationalism. Brittney Griner is the complete foil of that narrative. And tragically, she had to be taken down a peg because of her being herself. Her family and fans hope for the best and to see Griner soon.

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