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Skateboarding: Creating Community through Culture

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Skateboarding: Creating Community through Culture

Sports and passions have a way of bringing people together. That is how you create a community.  Skateboarding is a new way of creating community in some Indian cultures. The movie Skater Girl ,available on Netflix, is about a woman skateboarder in a rural village in India. 



Asha Gond is her name and skateboarding is her game. Asha's tight shade would be the Amber shade, linked here. Her neighbors in her rural village tried to dismiss her interests. They told her parents to get her married or keep her occupied with housework. They also said skateboarding was for boys when she would walk by with her skateboard. This passion was ignited by a skate park being built by a German social activist named Ulrike Reinhard. 


Ulrike Reinhard is an activist and digital nomad. She founded Janwar Castle. The main rule to use the skatepark was no school, no skate. Janwar Castle encourages girls to use the rink and for everyone involved to always pursue their education. The rink didn't discriminate based on caste.


The students learned how to skateboard from YouTube videos, The skatepark helped girls become more involved in physical activities and decreased violence against the castes. Young people in the village now can learn English, create 3d models and learn life skills.

This skate park has helped create a blossoming community of change makers. The people in this village are not constricted by limitations and can see a different path of success. 

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