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How to Not be Sad during S.A.D.

Posted by Aurora Tights on
How to Not be Sad during S.A.D.

Even though some of the best holidays are coming up (Hello Thanksgiving and Christmas), it can also be a difficult time for people. During the winter months, S.A.D. comes into play. S.A.D. stands for seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression that happens during the winter months. When winter starts to happen, our circadian rhythm is thrown out of whack. In lamens terms, it disrupts your b natural rhythm. Your eating habits,  hormones, and body alert systems are thrown off kilter. So, you may experience symptoms of depression like disrupted sleep or lack of interest in things that would make you happy. It can be frustrating or you may even feel guilty for not feeling like your normal self, but it is ok. These are some tips to help you get through it all and feel better during this cold weather.


1)Movement- Exercise is always helpful to get some good endorphins going. If you can brave the cold, put on a coat and go for a walk or run. If the indoors are calling your name, you can participate in yoga, pilates, or dance. For dance, you would need tights, we have seven shades and inclusive sizing. You can click here to find your perfect shade with our shade quiz.


2) Journal it out- It is ok to have whatever feelings you have, it just isn't ok to hold them in and repress yourself. A journal is great to let out your feelings with no judgment. You can write as much or as little as you want. As long as it feels good.


3) Create your own sunshine. There are sad lamps, specifically for people with seasonal affective disorder. There are even light boxes that you can sit in front of to help combat the symptoms of S.A.D.



4) Ask for what you need- In performance, there is a "the show must go on" mentality. The show should go on. But not so much so that you can't ask for help. If you are struggling, talk to your coach. Talk to your teammates. Talk to someone you feel safe with. They will help you get through it and feel better along the way.


It can be tough navigating the cold season. You don' t have to do it alone or without help.  With these tips, you will handle the winter blues easily.


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