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IG Spotlight: Marissa of Self Care for Performers

Posted by Aurora Intern on
IG Spotlight: Marissa of Self Care for Performers

On Saturday, July 2nd 2022, we had Marissa Harumi from @SelfCareForPerformers for an IG Live interview. Jasmine Snead, one of our cofounders,  talked with Marissa about self care and what it actually means in 2022.


Jasmine started of by reading this quote from Marissa's website "In contrast, much of the arts and entertainment industries work from a place of pushing an agenda, outside comparison, and hierarchy of power that isn't often interested in serving the health and wellbeing of it's performers."

Marissa explained this multifaceted quote by saying Sexism, racism, ableism etc all of the isms are so prevalent in the performance arts. We should definitely befriend our bodies. We should start to think of our relationship with our bodies as a lovership. You should have a relationship with your body where it is nourished spiritually, emotionally and physically. You should relate to your body and not punish it for what its not doing.


Marissa continues to say performers roles can be seen as never making a mistake. We should be able to release a mistake and that will help us work better with each other. We tend to think of ways you can bypass the wrongs of your body to keep going. But really you should look at yourself and what you need.You should be able to relax and tend to your body when it is in pain. Your body will tell you when you need a break and you need to listen.

Marissa continues by telling her her body told her to slow down. She was having panic attacks and getting migraines all the time. She even had hand foot and mouths disease and usually associate that with kids. She had to do a lot of inner work. She was in a toxic relationship with herself and subsequently her community. If you don't have the energy to be a person, you are not able to be a good asset to a community. All of that energy is intertwined.

Marissa then began to praise Aurora Tights for our inclusivity. She explains that this so needed and that our customers don't have to feel excluded due to our products.

Jasmine then asked Marissa the last question which was "what is your self care ritual". Marissa utilizes her self care time to renegotiate her relationship to patriarchal standards. She continues by flipping the narrative by finding a relationship with the ending cycles.  She enjoys detaching from her day by lighting candles and letting go of her day with incense and less light. Even in your self care you can renegotiate what you want and how you want to be. Rest is form of resistance.

Your mind and body are supposed to work together. It shouldn't be your body against your mind. You definitely have to regulate yourself without compartmentalizing or having toxic positivity.

This was such a lovely and juicy conversation. We appreciate Marissa for this enlightening conversation. You can check her out on her





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