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How to Use Love Languages for Self Love

Posted by Aurora Tights on
How to Use Love Languages for Self Love

Self love creates self trust which creates an overall healthy well being. You can practice self love every day with your specific love language. Love languages are 5 different ways of receiving and giving love, primarily towards romantic love.




But you can practice self love with your friends, family and even yourself. You can take the love language quiz and figure out how you receive and give love and apply that towards yourself. 

 1) Words of Affirmation- You can practice words of affirmation with yourself. You can write in your journal and write yourself love letters. You can say affirmations or positive sayings in the mirror.  You can meditate. You can even do mirror work. 

2) Quality Time- You can spend time with yourself doing what you like to do. Dedicating time to yourself for hobbies is a great outlet. What hobbies have you been putting off? Do you have any? what do you like to do? Be in nature. Go ride your bike. what do you see yourself doing in your day to prioritize just you/


3) Physical Touch- Physical touch can be a weird language to wrap around. I think of physical touch as massages and loving touch on your body, thanking it for being yours. You can hug yourself. You can also adorn yourself in cozy clothing. You can have a bath. Even working out can be physical touch.


4)Acts of Service-

Acts of service can be the acts that foster your discipline and responsibility. You can organize your thoughts in a journal and plan tasks in a planner. You can clear and clean your space or room. Make sure ask you are completing tasks you have to you plan a date for yourself.

5)Gifts- Gifts are such a fun way to show love to yourself. You can collect memories by scrapbooking. You can create love notes. You can affirm yourself. Spontaneity can be a great source of joy. Randomly go to a cute part of town and a fun event. Book yourself a vacation or buy yourself something special. 


All these languages are ways to cultivate self love. You can do it in so many ways, big or small. The longest relationship you have is with yourself. So treat yourself accordingly.

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