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LGBTQ+ Icon: Rudy Galindo

Posted by Aurora Tights on
LGBTQ+ Icon: Rudy Galindo

As Pride is coming to a close I have decided to highlight a few icons in the art of performance. One of them is Rudy Galindo. Rudy Galindo is a talented figure skater, choreographer and dancer. His presence in the skating industry opened doors for the out and proud LGBTQ+ skaters of today. He is the first openly gay skater champion in the United States. He is the 1996 U.S. champion, the 1987 World champion and the 1997 bronze medalist.  


 Before the 1996 championship, he wasn't planning on competing in that competition. He was grief stricken due to a string of deaths from his friends and family. He was also unmotivated due to the lack of support from the skating community. The 1996 championship was in his hometown, San Jose. He wanted to have the opportunity to compete in front of his hometown and his mother who didn't travel much. He trained with his sister, Laura. 

(Courtesy of GoldenAgeofFS)

This lovely performance is located above. You have to see it to believe it.

He retired from competitions in 1996, but went on tour with Champions on Ice from 1996 to 2003. He then recovered from injuries and went back on tour with them until they were disbanded in 2007. He served as a judge on We tv's Skating's Next Star in 2006. He was inducted in the San Jose Sports Hall of Fame in 2011. He was elected to the U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame in December 2012.

Currently, he is a coach for the Solar4America Ice rink in San Jose. He even coaches Kristi Yamaguchi's daughter.

Rudy Galindo is so deserving of the word, Icon. He's loud and proud and persevered through so many difficulties in order to succeed. We should all strive to #PerforminColor like him.







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