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Inventing Anna's Breakout Star

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Inventing Anna's Breakout Star

Inventing Anna is a Netflix Original series that just came out in 2022. Alexis Floyd plays the main characters best friend named Neff. And she is wearing a pair of Aurora Tights. How exciting. And she fits our Amber shade of tights. The Amber Shade is for our Performers in Color that have medium deep to deep skin with warm olive undertones. Alexis fits that description to a tee.  The character Neff is based on the real Neffatari Davis. Neffatari Davis was the concierge at Soho Luxury Hotel 11 where she met Anna at the time. Anna was quickly treating her to meals, shopping sprees and other luxuries. Neff remained fiercely loyal to Anna even has her scandal was unraveling.  Neff was a consultant during filming and her and Anna are still friends to this day. I think its fantastic and a coincidence that Neff and the actress that plays her Alexis Floyd, have a similar backstory. Alexis Floyd was working as a receptionist at a yoga studio before she booked the role as Neff. The studio is  even a few miles away from where the real Neff worked as a concierge. When Alexis first heard about the role, she became obsessed with the story as a whole. She got the call that she booked the role while being in the audience of a Broadway play in New York. If want to #PerforminColor just like Alexis as Neff and our part of a team, we have a code for you. Please enjoy 25% off any team order over 10 tights until the end of March using code HISTORY25!



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