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BBTN Spotlight

Posted by Aurora Intern on
BBTN Spotlight

On Feb 12, 10:30 am EST, we had the chance to interview our fellow collaborators, some of the the wonderful cofounders of Black Baton Twirlers Network, Olivia Lynch and John Mitchell. Sydney Parker, a co founder of Aurora Tights has the privilege of getting to know our collaborators better.

The Black Baton Twirler Network started from a Twirlers Talk Zoom series. It was one in particular for Black Lives Matter movement and involving more twirlers of color. Olivia then heard a bunch of people wanting to do something but no one was really doing anything. Olivia then sent John Mitchell a document on starting a new non profit centering Black Twirlers voices.

John then began to talk about his path on becoming a world renown baton twirler. His family was a parade family. He's from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His mom was a high school majorette. So one day, he just started playing with the baton. That led to his interest in baton twirling going to high school and becoming a national champion. He then ended up going to Penn State University and being the first male and first African American to ever twirl at Penn State. He is now an International judge.

Olivia started twirling when she was four years old. Her mom enrolled her in classes when Olivias teacher compared holding a pencil to holding a baton. Olivia started with competitive twirling and wanted to level up. Thats where she created her craft. She went to the majorettes and thats where her home is. That's where she won her first championship.Her twirling history is from a lot of different spaces and places. Now she teaches and is a co founder of BBTN with John.

This partnership with Aurora Tights is the chance can showcase what we (Aurora Tights) can do. Aurora Tights can be used for the BBTN students and members. We have a discount code available, its BBTN15. Anyone can use the tights of any shades, shape and of any age. This collaboration is gonna lead to so many opportunities for everyone involved and it will grow with everyones needs.

The subject was brought up of the Olympics has baton twirling as a sport in the future. There has been a combining of two organizations; the National Baton Twirling Association and the USTA. Those have turned into one governing body called International Baton Twirling Federation. Now this one governing body can present themselves to the Olympics. It is usually an eight year process and we are on year seven. So it's definitely coming soon. Aurora Tights can be that sponsor for baton twirlers for the future Olympic Team.

BBTN has so many cool things coming up in the near future. They are opening a brand new clinic and starting a new tour called the Excellence Tour. It is going to be in 3 locations. One is in Chicago and the second is in Texas and the third one is a secret. The goal is to present a staff of twirlers of color to new students. They are partnering with different high schools and colleges to make it more educational and let more opportunities be known. 

This is going to be such a great collaboration and we are so excited to be partners with such a wonderful non profit.




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