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We are the Champions

Posted by Aurora Intern on
We are the Champions
Dance is one of the best forms of communication and poetry there is. Dance can help you be flexible, reduce your stress and can increase your confident. If you hone in on your skills as a dancer, it can have a lot of incentive. Some of the best from high schools and colleges gather from all over the United States to showcase their skills and talents for the National Dance Team Competition and Championship. It takes great initiative and dedication to get invited to the National Dance Competition. Since the pandemic, it even has led to the virtual events. There is also competition for cheer sports and cheer leading.  But we are just focusing on the dance team for now. There are categories for hip hop, pom, jazz, high kick and game day. These teams are also categorized by the size of the teams (small, medium and large). In the Hip Hop category, Eisenhower High School, Francis Howell High School and Destrehan High school won. In the Pom (dancing with pom poms) category, Milliard North High School, Liberty High School and Los Alamitos High School. In the Jazz category, Coral Reef High School won the Large Varsity. The Medium Varsity Jazz is St Thomas More Catholic High School. The Small Jazz Varsity category was won by St. Brendan High School. As I was watching clips of the different teams, I couldn't help but notice something. Only three schools from the winners circle has black people representing them. Bearden has a black man on their team. Coral Reef High School has black women on their team Destrehan High School has a black woman on it. Not to say is a black only or a people of color only sport but it would be nice to see more black faces in the winners circle.

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