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Daisha Gesare Spotlight

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Daisha Gesare Spotlight
On February 19, 2022, Sydney Parker had the chance to sit down with Daisha Gesare for our Aurora Tights Spotlight Interview. Daisha is a 22 year old content creator located in Miami. She is a lifestyle creator. She's from Texas. She is even getting her PHD in sciences. She is multifaceted. She characterizes herself as happy black girl taking up space every day.  She has played so many sports. She played soccer, basketball, volleyball, ran track and played tennis and was on the bowling team for the summer. Daisha was most consistent with track and dance. She has a lot of good memory with all of the sports she played, but one stands out for her in dancing. I used to make my instagram story. Dance is what made me pursue content creating as I am now. It made me become more fearless with myself. Also, when it came to sponsors and people giving me an opportunity, I learned no isn't the worst answer in the world. Then, we had to ask about how her interest in science led her to pursuing her phd. I didn't like science at first at all. I already love psychology and neuroscience and looking at in a more magnified way. I would love to open up a stem YMCA club or a boys and girls club. other than that, not really too sure. If we can inspire brains to consider science in their future, it can change the world. Being a performance athlete has made prepared for pursuing my education by teaching me strong values. It taught me to dedicate myself to causes I am passionate. It taught me to keep trying no matter what. I love being black. I love being a black women. Coming from an African immigrant parent, they taught me about perseverance. Also my experience at an HBCU, I know our history. I perform in color by being authentically myself everyday and being who I am unapologetically.Daisha is excited that Aurora Tights is around for her sisters and for everyone to really embrace their color. Daisha got the Candice shade, if you were wondering. If you want to perform in color like Daisha, check out our shades aurora

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