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Erin Jackson and Brittany Bowe: A Gold Medal in Friendship

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Erin Jackson and Brittany Bowe: A Gold Medal in Friendship
I didn't know the Olympics would have me in my feelings and thinking about what a healthy friendship looks like. When I heard about this, I was so moved. Brittany Bowe is a 33 year old who won three speed skating events in Milwaukee and qualified for the Olympics. She decided to cede her Olympic spots in one of them to make her friend Erin Jackson could have a spot too. Erin is one of the top ranked female 500 meter skaters. During her trial, Erin slipped in her race and finished third. Even though this would look like the most minor slip to the audience, a slip up like that can make a hell of a difference. It cost Jackson a spot at the Olympics. Until her childhood friend Brittany had an idea. Brittany decided to let her childhood friend take her space in the Olympics. The most lovely thing is that Brittany didn't even question it. She knew before the end of the night that was the decision she made.  And Erin would do the same for her. Brittany and Erin have been close since childhood. They both grew up in Ocala Florida. They both have skated with the 28 time World champion Joey Mantia. And one of the best parts of this story? Bowe can still compete. She still participated in 1000 meter and 1500 meter dash. This is a friendship that still #Performsincolor. If you want to #performincolor like Brittany and Erin, go to aurora

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