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7 Types of Rest You Need To Be Your Best Self

Posted by Aurora Tights on
7 Types of Rest You Need To Be Your Best Self

Did you know there are seven types of rest you should be able to get? Rest as we think of it now is passive and when we sleep. There is also active physical rest. In this article, I will go on to explain the 6 other types of rest and why you should incorporate them in your routine. 

 1)Physical Rest Passive/ Active- There are two types of Physical rest. One is passive and the other is active. Sleep and naps are passive. Active rest  can be restorative. You can do yoga or stretching to actively rest.


 2) Mental rest can be in the form of breaks. Yes, we all have to work and remain busy for a lot of our time. That doesn't mean you can't have breaks. Breaks remind you to slow down and take care of yourself. 



3)Sensory Rest- Sometimes, we need a sensory rest too. You need to reestablish where we are.  You can look out at the sky and look out to nature. I usually try to put my phone down in intervals too. Cooking and smelling all the spices and using all five of your senses to stay in the present can be a form of sensory rest   



4) Creative Rest- Creative rest is one of the most fun versions of rest. You can be creative in anyway to help you remain grounded with yourself. You can create a vision board, like the one above.  You can create one virtually with Pinterest.  




5) Emotional Rest is the fifth type of rest. Good emotional rest will have you feeling way more comfortable expressing yourself to people. It will give you ample time and space to express your feelings freely without judgement. You can be kind and authentic to others and give that same treatment to yourself.



6) Social Rest is the act of resting from people who drain you. It is taking the steps to decipher the relationships you want to have and getting rid of the ones you don't. There are relationships that revive you and there are relationships and people that will drain you.  Being choosy in your life and your friends is absolutely ok.



7) Spiritual Rest- Spiritual is the last type of rest. You can meditate or pray. My favorite way is to use rituals to create sense of peace. It's marrying the physical and emotional to create a better balance. 



Rest is necessary. Rest is restorative. Rest because you deserve it. There are so many ways to implement gentleness and relaxation throughout your day to amplify your wellness.

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