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Anti Boredom Techniques

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Anti Boredom Techniques

July is National Anti boredom month. The sparkle of the first days of summer have worn off. And you still have July and August to get through. There are ways to get through it feeling rested and energized all at the same time. If you can get through this list and remain bored...maybe start the list over!


1) Go For a Walk- It's the perfect weather to be outside. Taking a walk can always help. You can help deregulate, be out in nature and enjoy the surroundings. You can do it with anyone or do it alone. You might even find a new spot you would've never thought of 


2). Learn a New Skill/Hobby- Learning a new skill or hobby can be so gratifying. You can go creative with crochet or knitting. You can go technical with coding or learning a new system. You can even go just plain whimsical and know how to hackysack. 


3) Volunteer- Volunteering provides perspective and purpose with tasks. It helps you provide a sense of community. It improves your self esteem and teaches you valuable skills.

4) Practice Yoga- Yoga is one of my first loves. You can take five minutes and google a few poses you look up on the internet. There are also videos and even challenges to help you be consistent day. A favorite challenge of mine has been the yoga everyday challenge by Yoga with Nico. It is linked below.

5) Call a friend- Calling a friend is always fun. Especially in the times of a pandemic, it can be the safest too. You can FaceTime with them or just have a voice call. 



6)Cook/bake something new- Recipes are available everywhere to help cook/bake the food of your dreams. It can be tailored to your needs and be as elaborate as you want. You can even make it a group effort and cook with your family/friends or significant other.


7) Unplug your devices- I think unplugging your devices can be the hardest one. we are so attached to our phones and for good reasons- they have everything on them. It would do all of us some good to get some time away from it. Just put your phone on your desk on in a draw when you're not tempted to get it.


8) Go for a bike ride- Bikes are the one of the best forms of exercise. You can work on your fitness and get outside and do something fun. You can even improve your posture. You can make it as leisure or as difficult as you want. 


There are so many ways to get rid of boredom. These are just a few of my most favorite ways.


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