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Nudes: A New Definition

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Nudes: A New Definition


Vibrancy. Diversity. Color. Thats what our world encompasses right? Thats what it should encompass at least. But in the past, I uses to notice there was a glaring error in the system of inclusivity. Nude is a color. But it never fit my skin tone.  I would look at fashion magazines all the time and a rule I would always see was, " Wear a nude shoe and/or nude tights to elongate your shape". But, those tones never fit my skin tone. It wouldn't fit my darker complexion. As I kept looking into more fashion magazines, I would notice more things like that. "Nude" bras didn't match with me. Band-aids that were supposed to be skin tone colored stuck out like a sore thumb. Pale pinks that were supposed to blend didn't. It wasn't just me looking around for more richer tones. The whole world was demanding the fashion and beauty industry would update their definition of flesh and shade. Nude is the color named after the Caucasian skin tone. Its a mix of brown and beige. And it was seen as the universal tone of skin. Recently, the definition of nude was changed because of an Ithaca College student. Merriam-Webster had the definition of nude as  "having the color of a white persons skin". As Ithaca college student Luis Torres was researching where the term nude came from, he saw the same discrepancy I've described. He even started a petition on to expand the definition of nudes to include more people. The true definition of nudes should be accessible to all tones. 

That's where Aurora Tights come in. Aurora Tights has five shades that include all skin tones. 



Lily is the lightest of tights. They're for the people that are light to medium skin with natural undertones

Diamond is for the folks with deep, vibrant skin with cool undertones. 


Candice is for performers with deep skin and neutral undertones

Amber is for people that are medium to deep skin tones with olive undertones





True is for medium to medium deep skin tones with golden under tones.

 If you're not sure of your shade, you can take the shade quiz, linked below. You will go through the questions to figure out your color the perfectly matches you. The first question is, What celebrity matches your gorgeous skin tone? Those celebrities have so many options. They range from Mila Kunis to Lil Nas X for tone differences. The next question is What color best describes your own undertone. The answers range from cool to neutral to peach. The third question is, Which jewelry looks best on you? The shade quiz even asks what color is your veins too?. The next question is how you tan?. The next question is what shade fits you best? And the last question is how did you hear about Aurora Tights? It is definitely perfectly fine to not know the answer to some of these questions. Most of the questions have an option of I don't know.  You can definitely find your ideal color for a great price.


If you want to find out your best shade and perform in color, go to our perfect shade quiz

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