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4 Body Positive Influencers to Watch

Posted by Aurora Intern on
4 Body Positive Influencers to Watch

Lizzo is a plus size singer, rapper, flutist and songwriter. She has also worked as an actor. She has received 8 Grammy nominations at the 62nd Annual Grammys. She is vegan and influencer too. She is a brilliant image of a celebrity using her platform to be an honest influence on people.  In her social media, she embodies every emotion that I feel. It is liberating to see someone be so honest about themselves on social media where it can feel like a highlight reel with just your pretty moments. Lizzo has shown me that you are prettiest just being yourself.


Reyna Cohan is a plus size and body positive yoga instructor. I do her classes all the time. First, I saw her on tiktok and then I followed her to youtube. Her movement is called the body-kind yoga.  She made me feel comfortable within my own body doing yoga. To allow space for my own body to make it as comfortable as possible is Of course, I love practicing yoga with anyone gentle because yoga is a practice I love. But seeing a plus size person with my typical body type doing yoga and loving her body freely really helps make me feel seen. I’ve seen Reyna in a lot of athletic clothes from lululemon or free people, but I think she would look good in some Aurora athletic wear. I can see her in the Criss Cross Yoga short sleeve top and the GLO leggings. Both are linked below!


  Melba Martinez is a queer Latinx influencer/dancer/Influencer. There is a youtube channel called stylelikeu where I first saw her. Stylelikeu is an inclusive, radically honest storytelling platform powering a self acceptance revolution. She showed that you can just exist in a body and not have to conform yourself to fit other peoples standards of what you should be. There tends to be a silencing technique with fat people, in terms of you have to silence yourself and take on others opinions of how you should be.



Megha is a confidence influencer on Tiktok. Her tagline is “Be you, be confident”. She does tiktoks on being confident in your own body. She doesn’t looks at herself differently just because some people are uncomfortable with her body or don’t like it. It is unnecessary to care about what other people think of you when you care about yourself more. You have to be in your body. So, find a way to like it and love it. Looking at her TikTok makes me feel better about my body just like it is. 


All of these influencers are body positive in their own ways. Body positivity doesn't have to be just for one type of person. All of these beauties look different and our shades at Aurora tights will fit them all. For anyone who wants to figure out their perfect shade, go to the link below.

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