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LGBTQ+ Skaters to Check Out

Posted by Aurora Tights on
LGBTQ+ Skaters to Check Out

 Just like there are a lot of dancers that need to be recognized, there are fantastic LGBTQ+ ice skaters that deserve a spotlight.  


Timothy Leduc- Nonbinary- They are a retired American pair skater. They are a two time national champion, a silver medalist and a two time Grand Prix medalist. Leduc skates with the partner Ashley Cain Gribble. Leduc is also the first openly gay skater to win the pairs of at the U.S. Championship. Leduc is the first nonbinary athlete to qualify for the Winter Olympics



 Eliot Halverson is a non binary but uses she/her pronouns.  She was born in Bogota Colombia. She began skating at 6 years old. Her purpose in skating is to challenges the gender norms of figure skating. She says she recognizes how confusing identities outside the social construct can seem. But she hopes that people will seek out information and turn their confusion into empathy. She has set down her skates for now and is a choreographer located in New York.




Karina Manta is a Ice dancer. She came out as bisexual in 2018 in a video accompanied by her girlfriend. She was the first female figure skater competing on Team USA to come out. In 2021, she decided to go on the British tv show Dancing on Ice. She now performs on Cirque de Soleil. She is even the author of her own biography On Top of Glass.  





Kaitylin Weaver is a Canadian ice dancer. She is a three time world medalist, two time four continents champion and a Canadian national champion. In June 2021, she came out as queer because “she didn’t want to pretend anymore.” She didn’t come out during her competitive career because of the fear negatively affecting her score. She is the second female Olympic figure skater to come out following Fumie Suguri of Japan.




Fumie Suguri is a Japanese figure skater. She is a three time World Champion and a five time Japanese national champion. She has a younger sister named Chika, who is also a figure skater. in 2014, she came out as bisexual. She is a choreographer and dancer. She is now the producer and founder of her own entertainment company called MTYE.

These figure skaters all deserve to be seen. Queer representation is needed in all spaces, so the world can be more open to various perspectives and experiences.  



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