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Instagram Spotlight:Starr Andrews

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Instagram Spotlight:Starr Andrews
On Feb. 26, 2022 at 10:30 am EST, one of our cofounder Imani Rickerby interviewed Starr Andrew a figure skater. I find it very freeing and I love skating.  I can really be myself and play my music and its the first thing I fell in love with. At first I did gymnastics and it just didn't fit but when I got on the ice, it fell into place. It's my little escape from reality. What other sports? I do yoga and pilates. Im going to get back into dance because it helps with interpreting different music and moves off the ice. It's very important to get a workout off the ice as well because it helps. What is your fav memory ice skating? I would say that whip my hair (look at video) I made up that program with my mom and my aunt. At first, we weren't allowed to have lyrical music on the ice. but then we just decided to perform it like that. Then my mom just decided to post it on YouTube. Another highlight was 2018 nationals it was my first year Skating Seniors. I was also sick during it and my mom was. People around me that helped me perform in color? My team is the best and they really help me. My coach Derrick really helps me too. I love our dynamic and we get along so well. The one part of the year I always look forward to is choreographing with him. He's also really good at calming me down and just being a support system for me. I #PerforminColor in a lot of ways. For the longest time, I just think its being myself. Music really helps me see myself in my performance.  Music can be so expressive. Also I use my platform to show the beauty of the sport and to see the genuine smile while performing. That's why I skate, its just so beautiful. It makes me so happy when I see myself in pictures with a genuine smile. I would like to say be yourself. At first I was like trying to be palatable and likable for everyone else. but now I say be yourself. It's the best way.

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