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5 Cool Virtual Events For Women's History Month

Posted by Aurora Intern on
5 Cool Virtual Events For Women's History Month

As we know, March is Women's History Month! March 8, 2022 is International Women's Day. There are so many events happening for Women History Month.Since the pandemic has touched all aspects of life, there are ways to gather virtually. I thought it would be great for me to put some of these events out there so we all have the chance to have fun safely and from the comfort of our own homes.

1) Feminism Class. There is a masterclass taught by women's right activist going on. Fellow Feminists Gloria Steinem, Adrienne maree brown, Amanda Nguyen, Tina Tchen.  It cost $15 per month and there are 14 mini sessions that range from addressing pleasure to the wage gap.

2)Online Exhibitions- March 11,16,21. National Women's History Museum. Virtual museum- 365 days a year. There is even a event tTo go with  this years theme-To remind you, the theme is providing healing and hope. There is a Nursing exhibit that explains the time line history of nursing.

3) Author Event honoring Women Forgotten in History- March 15 7pm E.T. 4 authors will gather to discuss women that need to be seen finally. You can then purchase these authors books through the site. You just need to search Virtual Author Event.

4)Five Part Workshop Series on Self Love- This workshop is hosted by a Mental Health therapist named Kyira Wackett. With this workshop, she is addressing the idea that we see self love as an act of luxury. It should be as simple as eating. You should commit loving acts with yourself everyday.

5)Online Scavenger Hunt Celebrating History Wonder Women- This is a lovely way to team build and learn a lot of history. This is a virtual event where you will work in teams. It's interactive too. It cost $45 per person. It's a good way to interact with friends you haven't seen in a minute that are too far too visit. 

 I hope you all enjoy and check out some of these events. If you want to explore some upcoming women in history, check out our company Aurora Tights.

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