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How to Be A Good Teammate

Posted by Aurora Intern on
How to Be A Good Teammate

"There's no I in team" is the saying I think about when I first hear the word teammate. The second one that comes up is "Teamwork makes the dream work". I agree with both of those statements. When you are part of a team, you are a piece of a big picture. All those pieces add up, you make a team. You work together in that team and you'll get great results. Not only is good teammate skills good for you being on an actual team, it is good for your future self as well. You are going to collaborate in multiple facets of your life: Your job, in school, even for your hobbies. These are some tips to help you not just a kog in the system, but a great teammate that will make a lasting impact.

1) Tell your teammates what they did well and why- It's always good to hear what you are good at. It's so nice to hear the positive thing that you didn't realize about your technique or the way you figured something out.


2) Goal set and collaborate and celebrate- Is there a competition coming up that you really want to wow the judges? Or do you just want to work on a new move you can't seem to get right? Work with your teammates. It can be fun. Set some goals with your teammates and ask your coach what you need to work on. Set tangible goals and when you accomplish it, celebrate.


3)Be respectful always- You are never going to get anywhere by being disrespectful to your teammates. It's ok to feel frustrated or disappointed that you didn't win a competition or you didn't do as good as you want. Listen to your instructors and teammates and be open to criticism.


4) Don't find excuses or place blame- It is crucial to be understanding to your teammates. You accept responsibility for you abilities and work on getting better each time.


 5) Be open to adapt- Sometimes, even if you impeccably plan choreography or moments in your head out, it will end up wrong. Someone might get injured or be absent. Also having a good range of motion will help moves seam more seamless

With these tips, you will definitely be a fantastic member of the team. Competition can be tough but it helps when you have a group around you that you can count on. You will build trust and become a family if you give what you want to receive. 



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