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Good Morning Habits for Performers

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Good Morning Habits for Performers


Author Lemony Snicket has a great point. Your morning routine can set the standards for the rest of your day. The most successful people have a morning routine to get the most out of their mornings. It also teaches you to prioritize your well being every day in some way. You can use all of these tips to help you start your day on the right foot. yes


 1)  Meditate- Meditating can help with your focus and increase your self awareness. It can also help increase your creativity and imagination.


2) Drink Water- We all we need water and what a refreshing way to start your day. I usually have water by my bed on my nightstand to make sure I get up and get a drink of water when I wake up.


3) Light Stretching-  Stretching is good for you. You can check out my previous blog post to see why.



4) Filling Breakfast- A filling breakfast will always make you feel good. It doesn't have to be heavy but it should be enough to satisfy you. 


5) Do 10 mins of reading- Reading is good for the soul. It increases your vocabulary and you can get lost in another world.


6) Journal/Write your to do list- Journaling is fun for me. I have 3 journals. You can keep track of your goals, write in it like a diary or even just draw and scribble. It is your choice.


In conclusion, your morning routine should be in tune with you. It doesn't have to be difficult or strenuous. These tips will help you be more intentional with your mornings.

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