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7 Healthy Tips for Holidays

Posted by Aurora Tights on
7 Healthy Tips for Holidays

The holidays are filled with fun with family and friends, laughter, and a ton of delicious food.  But it can be a little hard to stick to certain health goals with all the treats around. Add in the seasonal stressors of the breaking of a routine and family gatherings. That can be a recipe for disaster. Here are some tips that will get you through the holidays without sacrificing your mental health or your tastebuds.

1) Plan the buffet accordingly- Of course, there is so much delicious food during the holidays. You just have to plan accordingly if you have health goals. Have a small plate of your favorite foods.

2) Wash hands- This should be a no-brainer but keep washing your hands. Covid is running rampant and flu season is here.  Make you wash them with ant for at least 20 seconds.

3) Find Space to move at home- When you have a consistent routine, it can be hard to not have that when you are someplace else during the holidays. Definitely find the space and time to practice/ exercise at home. Put on your headphones and favorite playlist and get to work.

4) Take Breaks- Even though we love our family and friends, sometimes we need a little break. So if you need to, take a social media break or a people break It's ok to get some air and then get back to the party.

5) Eat slowly- You don't get Christmas treats and holiday sweets so often. You should savor them. Eating slower also helps you not stuff yourself.

6) Enjoy it- Holidays can be stressful but it's a time of celebration. 

7) Look ahead- If holidays aren't the best for you, you can always use t as a reflection time. Take intel of what you liked during the year. Write down reflections on what you would do differently.

I hope all of these tips help you have a great and less stressful holiday season.  

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