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Diamonds are forever: Why we need the diamond shade

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Diamonds are forever: Why we need the diamond shade

I used to always hear" Diamonds are Forever". Diamonds are looked at as shiny, lovely, that you have expensive taste. You shine and are noticed when you have diamonds on. These skaters have the same shine. These lovely skaters show their exquisiteness in their talents and for representing dark skinned women in a wonderful way. 



mae berenice 

Mae Berenice is a French figure skater. She is the 2011 Ondrej Nepela Memorial Champion. She is the 2016 International Cup of Nice champion. She is the 2015 Winter Universiade silver medalist and six time French national champion.


surya bonaly


Surya Bonaly is a retired French competitive skater. She is known for being the only skater to land on one blade for a backflip in the 1998 Winter Olympics. She is a three time world Silver medalist. She is a five time European Champion. She is a nine time French national champion.


Vanessa James is a Canadian competitive pair skater. She is the 2019 European champion. She is the 2018 worlds Bronze medalist and Grand Prix Champion, She is the 2017 European Bronze Medalist. She is also a six time French national champion. She and her former partner Morgan Cipres represented France in the 2014 and 2018 Winter Olympics.


All these women are wonderful and respected in their talents. They deserve to shine and #PerforminColor comfortably in their own shade. They all fit the Diamond Shade at Aurora Tights.

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