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NFTS: A New Wave of Currency for Women Athletes

Posted by Aurora Tights on
NFTS: A New Wave of Currency for Women Athletes

There is a new way of making sure women athletes can have more money to put in their respective sports. Since the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been increased viewership in women sports, like the WNBA. It has gotten massive growth potential in the last few years. Industries that are ushering in the new idea of virtual currency have taken token.


(Sue Bird is an avid supporter of NFTS)

That's were NFTS come in. The letters in NFT stand for Non Fungible Token. NFTS are unique cryptographic tokens that can't be replicated.It can be piece of digital art or media. It can represent real items like artwork or real estate.  Their value isn't seen in just the cost; it's about the rarity, edition or design of the item. Also NFTS make it possible for customers to own something that is part of their favorite teams and people.

The purpose of putting women athletes at the forefront of some NFT marketplaces is for them to have more established equity in their future. NFT is going to be part of the future economy. Companies and people are going to have NFTS to invest more in their companies. 

The crypto platform Coinbase has partnerships with the WNBA. The purpose is to get fans to be a part of the cryptocurrency atmosphere and learn more about it together.  NFTS can also be very advantageous for college level athletes. College players can have ownership of their own images and become independent business proprietors. They don't have to address the middle man or sign up with agency's to gain sponsorships.  There are platforms for college athletes like Draftly to help them learn about cryptocurrency.

While NFTs can seem complicated, it can be easy to learn about with platforms like Draftly and Coinbase. It is very interesting and I am glad there are platforms to become more accustomed to it. Cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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