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Mallory Pugh: Redefining Success and Happiness

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Mallory Pugh: Redefining Success and Happiness

 Dreams really do come true, despite setbacks. Mallory Hugh is now achieving the dream she didn't think was possible last year. Last year at this time, Mallory wasn't on the Olympic roster for the US National Women's team. Now almost a year later, she is seen as one of the best players in the National Women's Soccer League. 


Pugh has always had a love for soccer. When she was 4, all she watched was soccer on her Hello Kitty Tv. She started actually playing the game at the age of 13 for Real, Colorado.  She debuted at 17, (pictured above) to the US Womens National team and won 5-0.  During that game she became the youngest player to place in a Concacaf Olympic roster. She was also the youngest player to debut to the US Women's National team in that same game. However, this is where her rise came to abrupt halt.



 In January 2021, she suffered an injury in training camp. She was traded to her third team in 3 years. She was then cut from the Olympic Roster.  It was devastating for her. However, she told Just Women's Sports, she felt like that was "exactly what she needed". Her coach at the time said Hugh needed a wake up call. 

She spent a lot of time behind the scenes getting herself together mentally and physically. She work on her technical skills as well. Most of all she spent a lot of time with her sports psychologist learning how to find the fun in soccer again.And it worked.

Now Pugh always tries to live in the moment and be grateful for her team, her games and her life. She will always be happy as long as she tries to find the fun in her experiences. 

If you want to #PerforminColor like Mallory and you are her shade, you can check the Lily shade, here. Mallory is a great example of an athlete redefining success and happiness by being grateful for being able to play the game. 

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