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IG Spotlight: Bleu of @beatsbybleu

Posted by Aurora Tights on
IG Spotlight: Bleu of @beatsbybleu

On Saturday morning, Sept 3, 2022, one of our cofounders Sydney Parker had a conversation with Bleu from @BeatsbyBleu. Bleu is a former gymnast but she was a performer for ten years. She is now a multifaceted artist who focuses on producing her own beats. She even got to being a level 9 gymnast. She also had the honor of being the first gymnast for our #PerforminColor Chats. Sydney's first question to Bleu was how do you perform in color? Bleu immediately had a story to tell.

When Bleu became a level & gymnast, she got to choose her own music and make her own routine. However, her coach at the time had a strong suggestion. Her coach picked the Jackson Five song Want You Back. She performed to that song a few times and got decent scores. She wanted to get higher scores and be more involved with the process. So, Bleu started researching floor routines. She ended up picking a song that fellow gymnast picked. She picked the music from Carly Pattersons floor routine. Check out her inspiration below.

Her score ended up skyrocketing. From then on, Bleu knew she had to follow her own path and choose what was best for her no matter what. 

As the story goes, Bleu's mom took her to a gymnastics class and Bleu ended up loving it. A coach came up to her mom and told her that her daughter was gifted and should compete. That led to Bleu being a dedicated gymnast until her freshman year in high school. She played some other cool sports too like volleyball and track.

Bleu then transitioned from an athlete to an artist. She realized when she was performing that she was more drawn to entertaining the crowd and getting a reaction. She remembered vividly that a judge at one of her meets was smiling along with her instead of writing down her score. She knew that's what she wanted to do from now on.

Her time in sports did help her gain discipline and a hard work ethic. You have to be strict with yourself in order to do sports. Bleu dedicated four hours to practice in a day and still went home and did homework. All that helped her set guidelines on how to prioritize what she wanted to do: Her art and music.

When Bleu first started to produce her music, Bleu was a bit frustrated. She wasn't getting it at first. But then she remembered her athletic days. Athletes have to keep going and practice. Sydney chimed in and said "You are going to feel like a fool and not look your best when you first do something, you have to keep at it". So, you have to just keep going and you are #performingincolor as long as you try to succeed in your dreams.

Bleu shouted out her Coach Shelley from her gymnastics days. Shelly is a women of color and her friends mom. She was an anchor in Bleu's athletics days and made her days in sports easier.

If you want to #PerforminColor like Bleu, go to our website here and take the shade test to found out what your perfect shade will be.


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    That’s very correct , you have to keep at it to succeed.

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