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IG Live with ChelseaVe

Posted by Aurora Tights on
IG Live with ChelseaVe

One of our cofounders Sydney Parker had.a great interview with skater Chelsea Velez.  Chelsea's from Dallas and goes to Southern Methodist University. She is a biology major who loves to figure skate. She started skating at 5. She tried a myriad of sports. She tried skating, swimming and gymnastics. Skating made her feel nolstagic and when she got back on, she fell in love with it.

She transferred from community college to SMU.  It was a hard transition at first and she didn't even skate for two months. She wanted to focus on her studies. When Chelsea speaks on what she learned from skating, she immediately speaks about her discipline. She also learned how to not be scared.  When you are pushed in skating, you have to not be afraid to fall. You are going to fall and not be good at something new at first. If you are scared, you are going to not going to be able to do the tricks.


The conversation then shifted into representation. Chelsea said that there are not a lot of minority communities participate in winter sports. Only five people at her rink are Hispanic. She probably didn't even think about the shade of her tights. Her shade of Aurora Tights would be the Lily shade linked here.

Finally, Sydney asked Chelsea how she #PerformsinColor. Cheese likes to PerforminColor by wearing colorful outfits while she skates. She loves an 80s vibe. Her first competition costume was bright yellow. She wants to look as happy and bright as she feels when skating.

 Chelsea then reiterated to people who are interested in skating to go do it. You just have to try it. She even encouraged her brother to start skating again.

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