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History of Gymnastics

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History of Gymnastics

Gymnastics is a sport where a lot of women excel. The olympics has become one of the most beloved of the Olympics? But did you know gymnastics has a 2000 year history? Even though the particular events are different now, gymnastics were always connected to a sense of identity and pride. This is the interesting timeline of gymnastics. 

Gymnastics can be trace to Ancient Greece. It even comes from the Greek words gymnos and gymnazo which means to roughly train. 


(Friedrich Ludwig Jahn

1811, the first gymnasium was opened by The grandfather of gymnastics, Friedrich Ludwig Jahn. Consequently, the gymnastics association was started by it and got popular. Friedrich founded the gymnasium club movement in Germany.  He thought gymnastics and movement was the cornerstone of health and national identity. He studied physical education In Berlin and was a teacher there. 

In 1836, the first Summer Olympics happened in Athens, Greece. Gymnastics was a prime event there. The 1936 Olympics were the first televised, Check out the video below. 

(Footage of Gymnastics in the 1936 Olympics)

Basketball, handball and canoe also made their first appearance. Gymnastics back then even included events from track and field. Track and field events didn't disappear from the gymnastics category till 1954. Gymnastics was men only until the 1920s where women were allowed.

 (Inge Sorenson)

 Some of the first women to dominate the sport were Marjorie Gestring and Inge Sorenson. Marjorie and Inge Sorenson both competed in the Berlin Games. Marjorie was a competitive springboard diver. Inge Sorenson was a swimmer who won the bronze medal at twelve in the 200 meter breast stroke. Inge is still the youngest individual to win in an individual competition at the Olympics.

Gymnastics is one of the most popular sports now and is growing everyday. Gymnastics has revolutionized the Olympics and sports as whole. Women are still dominating gymnastics to this day like Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas and Shannon Miller to name a few. Gymnastics has cemented their spot in history.

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