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7 Tips to Prepare For 2023

Posted by Aurora Tights on
7 Tips to Prepare For 2023

Its 2023!!! Another year to curate your life and plan out goals. No matter if you planned and reflected at the end of 2022 or now in the beginning of 2023, you are getting ahead of the game by wanting to be prepared. Here are 7 tips to make 2023 your year and actually mean it.

1) Make a vision board- No matter if you are doing it digitally or old school with magazines and glue, you should make a vision board. You can use Pinterest or Canva to do it online. You can buy poster board and magazines at the grocery stores. Having what you want for the year displayed in front of you will motivate you to follow your dreams everyday.


2) Notion/Other Organization Apps- It's is always good to get organized. Notion and other organization apps are used to take notes and make a plan. You can have it all in one place.


3) Do an exercise challenge- We all usually have some sort of fitness goal in the new year. An easy way to start your workout journey is to start a challenge. Fitness influencers/gyms have workout challenges every month that you can sign up for. Fitness influencers will post a video everyday and you can follow that. You can find challenges for yoga, pilates or even using a mini stepper. If you want to get some new workout gear or new tights, you can go on You can use the code shimmer50 to get 50% of our shimmery tights, linked here



4) Reflect on past years highs and lows-  Reflection lets you develop your skills and review their effectiveness. It's about questioning in a positive way how and what you did and how you can do better next time. You can apply knowledge to new situations.

5) Clean up/out your space-  At the beginning of the year is a great time to clean up your space. You can also donate your old stuff and clean out your space. As the old saying says "Out with the old, in with new". You can gain physical space but also energetic space and cleansing.

6) Have gratitude- Having joy over the little things is a good habit to maintain not just for the beginning of the year but for a long time. It provides nothing but positivity to you too. It helps you relish in good experiences, deal with adversity and have better health.


7) Set Goals- Every year, you should set goals and write them down.  No matter how small you think they are, you should always write them down. It helps you focus on what you really want. You can't improve on what you don't manage.

These 7 tips will help you have the best year you've had so far. If you add  just one or two of these to your routine, you will feel more prepared than ever to take on your goals.

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