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USA Gymnastics Championship: Black Women Take Over The Podium

Posted by Aurora Tights on
USA Gymnastics Championship: Black Women Take Over The Podium

This is #BlackGirlMagic for sure. The 2022 USA Gymnastics made Herstory on August 21,2022 in Tampa, Florida. These three talented black women won the top 3 spots in the senior round. They are the first three Black female gymnasts to do this. These women are following in the footsteps in some of the greats like Simone Biles and Sunny Lee, who weren't present for the championship this year.



(From left:Shilese, Jordan, Konnor)

(Konnor McClain)

Konnor McClain is the youngest winner, at 17 years old. She had the top overall ranking score. Her score was 112.750. She won the gold medal in balance beam. It was her first senior competition too.


(Shilese Jones)

 Shilese Jones was the second place. She is 20 years old. She received the bronze medal and her overall score was 122.000.

(Jordan Chiles)

 Jordan Chiles made her way to third place and she won the silver. Chiles (21) overall score was 111.900.

Fans of the event were ecstatic on how the championships ended up. Many fans expressed their excitement through their tweets. 

This is why representation matters. Another little black girl can see this and know it is possible for her to do it. This is a legacy for other black women athletes who had to train and do it alone.

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The next time you will see these ladies will be at the 2022 World Gymnastics Championships. The championship will be held in Liverpool on October 29.



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