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UDA College Nationals Recap

Posted by Aurora Tights on
UDA College Nationals Recap

It's January which means its time for the another UDA College Nationals Championship. The UDA College National Championship was held in Orlando Florida from January 13th to Jan 15th 2023. Nine all qualified teams proudly left the UDA Nationals champions winners. Check their results and the recap below. 

Open Dances are dances that are offered when a certain category isn't offered in a certain age range. Pom is dance that includes elements of cheerleading and poms need to be in at least 80% of the routine. Jazz is any routine that embodies free form movement and jazz styling. Hip Hop is where you replicate styles of street dance and hip hop. Breakdancing can be included. Now lets get to the results, shall we?


The first of the Open Dance Champions is the Minnesota State University Mankato for the Open Pom Category. Their score was the highest, which was a 95.1884. 


The next category was Open Jazz. The University of Minnesota Duluth left with the overall score of 94.4203. 

The Open Hip Hop Category was won by Lindenwood University. Lindenwood University had the score of 89.33 

 Let's break down the different categories of the Division I Champions. The Division I Champions  were split into Pom, Dance and Hiphop.

The Division I Pom champions was Saint Joseph's University. Their score was 94.34.


The Division I Jazz champions were the University of Saint. Thomas. Their score was 94.7

The Division I Hip Hop Champions were University of Delaware. 

The Univerisity of Las Vegas Nevada won the Division IA Hip Hop Champions. Their score was the 99.19.


The Division IA Pom and Jazz champions was the University of Minnesota. Their Pom score was 99. 14 and their jazz score was 97.08. So the University of Minnesota won first place.

All these performers exemplified the meaning of perform in color. They all deserve a round of applause. It was lovely to see all these teams come together and show off their talents. 



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