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The End of Sport Episode 67 Podcast Summarized

Posted by Aurora Intern on
The End of Sport Episode 67 Podcast Summarized

This is a summary of Episode 67 of the End of Sport podcast. The topic is on Black Feminism and Contemporary Sports Culture with Dr. Letisha Brown. The End of Sport is a podcast of capitalist sport, labor and justice. It is hosted be three academics; Derek Silva, Johanna Melliis and Nathan Kalman Lamb. Derek Silva is a sociologist. Johanna Mellis is a historian. Nathan Kalman Lamb is a marxist and Lecturing Fellow. Dr Letisha Brown is assistant professor of sociology at Virginia Tech. 

 The podcast starts off with small talk. They begin to talk about quarantine hobbies. Then they get right into the gist of it. The hosts begin to ask Dr Letisha Brown about her research and how would she describe her work. Dr. Brown describes her work as " the analyst of race and gender and media representations of black female athletes'. She ties those threads together by stating she is a black feminist scholar that studies food, sports and black girlhood. Some of her experience comes from being a assistant professor and putting that knowledge in her work. Dr Brown is then asked about her essay called" Sporting space invaders: Elite bodies in track and field, a South African context. This article details how bodies of color are seen as othered, as space invaders not belonging in the sports place. It further emphasizes the treatment of bodies like Caster Semenya. The controlling image of her was that she was masculine and controlling, not articulate or intelligent. It further emphasizes the ideas the black feminist scholar Patricia Hill Collins talks about in her analysis of race, gender and class.

 If you want to hear the in-depth interview and learn more about Dr. Latisha Brown and the intersection of sports and black feminism from a scholarly point of view, click the link below.

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