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The Benefits of Aurora Teams

Posted by Aurora Tights on
The Benefits of Aurora Teams

Written by: Katie Crane

Aurora Teams is our program that allows you to easily make group orders and save money while doing so. Individual team members can select their unique shade and size, and each team receives a bonus team code for any additional gear throughout the year. 

Aurora Teams is perfect for meeting your team’s apparel needs. Here’s everything you need to know about the program!

Benefit #1: Group discount and easy group ordering

Your team will receive a 10-25% discount when you place a group order through Aurora Teams. Signing up for the program only takes a few simple steps: insert your contact information, group size, number of tights per person, and how soon you would like to place the order. Check out our group ordering form here. Once you fill out this form, our team will get your team account ready!

The program is also super flexible! Your coach can place the order for the entire team, or each performer can order individually and still receive the discount with your team code.

Benefit #2: Opportunity for a commission code

When you sign up for Aurora Teams, you have the opportunity to receive a commission code. This code allows you to earn money for your team whenever it is used to purchase Aurora Tights apparel, even after you order.

Benefit #3: Swag, press, and features

Teams that are part of our Aurora Teams program can receive additional Aurora apparel!  They can also be featured on our website and social media in videos, spotlights, and more. Our teams are very special to us, and we want to celebrate them!

Now you’re all set! The benefits of the Aurora Teams Program await. When you outfit your team in Aurora, you are supporting a brand that truly cares. Our number one goal is to empower you to #PerformInColor. If you have any additional questions, message us here on our website or DM us on Instagram, @auroratights. We are happy to help!

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