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Spotlight Interview: Aurora Tights x Priscilla Del Castillo

Posted by Ashley Stout on
Spotlight Interview: Aurora Tights x Priscilla Del Castillo

Being a model who has seen herself on a billboard in Times Square, the beautiful Priscilla Del Castillo is living the dream and amazing people everywhere while embracing body positivity.

Priscilla has been modeling since she was four years old. “From a very young age, I knew that I loved being in front of the camera and even when I was younger, I liked having a voice for the chubby girls- because I’ve always been chubby- so it’s like body positivity since I was basically born”.


Priscilla in her first big-time shoot with Target.

Priscilla attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York as well. “I am obsessed with Broadway,” she says, “I’ve been singing since I was seven, so it’s always been a dream of mine. I definitely see myself in the future pursuing Broadway, but I think right now what has taken off for me is modeling”.

She says that some key traits that allow this success are her humbleness, gratefulness, and kindness. “I feel like I’m very humble when I get things. I think growing up in poverty was very important in my success. Gratitude is also a very important thing to have in this industry. If you don’t have this, you won’t get far. I’ve seen people reach the top and they get too into their head and then that’s it, it’s done for them. I don’t want that to be my path, so I’ve just taken it day by day, I’m very friendly and kind to everybody. Kindness, humbleness, and just wanting to learn is how I think I keep achieving things”. 

In a society that constantly tries to define the word “beauty” and put an image to it, Priscilla thinks a woman is beautiful in “her personality and the way she treats herself. Self-love is a huge thing”, she says. “When you know you love yourself enough, you radiate that love and you allow people in. Loving yourself is so important in this world, especially with everything that’s happening right now”. When considering body image on social media, she said, “Social media is sometimes toxic, but you have to keep yourself in the mindset of that’s not who I am. I have to see myself the way I see myself in the mirror. I look at myself every morning in the mirror and I tell myself ‘you are kind, you are wise, you are beautiful’”.


Priscilla in her first digital shoot with her modeling agency The Btwn.

When it comes to insecurities, Priscilla has great advice on how to overcome them. “Embrace your body”, she says, “You only have one body. You only have one life, honestly. The whole saying ‘YOLO’ is so true. Don’t change your body for anyone else but yourself and if it makes you feel sad or bothered by the fact that you’re doing these things, stop doing it! Don’t diet. Don’t do it. If it’s a health condition, that’s different. If it’s your life on the line, that’s different. Try to change it or do what you can, but don’t kill yourself doing it”. 

It was such an honor to interview this amazing and inspiring woman. We look forward to seeing what Priscilla’s future holds and we know that she will do great things!


Be sure to check out our Instagram @auroratights for our IG Live chat with Priscilla and much more!

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