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Spotlight Interview: Aurora Tights x Jaime Atilano

Posted by Ashley Stout on
Spotlight Interview: Aurora Tights x Jaime Atilano

Being 100% yourself isn't easy for everyone. Luckily, Jaime Atilano is paving the way for many others and showing others how to be authentic in this crazy world. Jaime is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland and is an influencer, a writer, and an advocate for change in the LGBTQ+ community! Jaime really does it all and is killing it every step of the way.

When scrolling through Jaime’s Instagram, you can tell that Jaime has an eye for fashion, trends, and makeup. “Definitely for clothes and makeup, it just depends on my mood swings. Recently, I was listening to DaBaby and Roddy Rich’s “Rockstar” song and I was like oh my god, I kind of want to do like a rock look. Music does influence a lot of my looks, and other times it’s me scrolling through, shopping, and thinking this would be cute. I also get influence from my friends and influencers on YouTube.”


Jaime's "Rockstar" look. "I wanted to contrast with my recent posts and reflect an edgier, rockstar side of me. As a campus ambassador for Maybelline, I planned to promote their use of products, as well, in the post"


Being a non-binary person and apart of the LGBTQ+ community, Jaime has been an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights throughout college. “For social change, there is a lot that I want to be done considering the current climate we are in. One thing I always try telling people is that with LGBTQ+ history, within any LGBTQ+ movement, you can’t separate it from Black Lives Matter because LGBTQ+ history is black history. All of these social movements are integrating together. My biggest one so far has been really advocating for black trans lives because I feel like a lot of people forget them all of the time. Even within my own community, a lot of people forget, so that is always something I am trying to highlight on my platform in social media when I can”.

These days, finding gender-neutral clothes can be a struggle. Jaime said, “I think it’s so important to have gender-neutral clothing. For me as a non-binary person, I don’t mind getting my clothes from the men’s or the women’s clothing, but sometimes it can be really hard to find clothes. I don’t know what fits me because the sizing is so different for each one, so I love gender-neutral clothing because it’s kind of one-sized, it’s easier for me and I don’t have to look at two different sections. I do understand with fashion why there are men’s and women’s clothes, but I wish there would be more gender-neutral or unisex clothing. I love that Aurora Tights is doing that. It makes me more comfortable as a gender-neutral person to purchase from Aurora Tights”.


Jaime's Graduation look. "I wanted to wear a really bold, classy, powerful look that celebrated my LGBTQ+ identity as a college grad!"


As a non-binary person, Jaime does unfortunately face microaggressions from people. “It can be hard somedays,” Jaime said, “but the best way I try to overcome it is to just process and archive my feelings. I feel like if I don’t address it, I won’t overcome it and one of the biggest things is being vocal about it. Seeing other people within the community that also experience these things helps to bring a more collective voice and strength”.

Jaime has great advice for accepting your identity and embracing your true self. “I feel like the biggest thing is that we are all trying to figure it out. In regard to the LGBTQ+ community, when it comes to coming out and being yourself, coming out is not a one-time thing, it’s a process. It happens many different times in many different places to many different people and it just depends on when you feel safe”.

We can’t wait to see what Jaime does in the future and we know that Jaime will change the world with their kind and amazing heart! Watch out world!


Check out our Instagram @auroratights to see our IG Live Chat with Jaime!

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