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Redefining Your Success

Posted by Aurora Tights on
Redefining Your Success

The idea of success for performers can be seen as one note. It can also be hard when you see only the glamorous parts of performers and you start to compare. Even though the your social media feeds can look super glamorous and easy, there are some steps you never see. It takes guts and good habits to go after your dreams and you should define success in your own way. Success is what you choose for yourself. You can find greater joy in considering yourself and your goals.


 There are so many people we look up to who embody the feelings of success. But in most experiences, success doesn't happen without some hiccups or struggle. Jordan Peele, the Oscar and Emmy winning director and writer stopped and rewrote Get Out 20 times because he thought it was impossible. Oprah has a tragic history and got her big break soon after. Tyler Perry slept in his car and was homeless until his plays started to take off. So did comedian Jim Carey. Stephen King's (best selling novelist) first book was rejected 30 times before it took off. The last thing I want to leave you with is this.  Professor and author Brene Brown states that "You are worthy of love and belonging despite the struggles you may have" Struggle is inevitable and inescapable. Everyone struggles with something. It is ok. You still have the right to follow your dreams. There are going to be hiccups and struggles, but if you are passionate about something you will take the highs with the Loews.

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