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Confidence vs Arrogance: The Intentional Humbling of Black Women

Posted by Aurora Intern on
Confidence vs Arrogance: The Intentional Humbling of Black Women

A black womens confidence needs to to be shut down. At least, it seems like that is the messaging we are getting for knowing our worth and adding tax to it. Especially when I think of black women in sports, we tend to really well. Like really well. Like the best. For example, when I see Sha’carri Richardson and Serena Williams, I see women who are experts in their craft. They are motivated, passionate and persistent. But they are not seen as that. Their confidence is seen as arrogance. It is seen as something that needs to be humbled and taken down a peg. In a now viral clip of Sha'carri Richardson after her race, she boldly pronounces " I just want the world to know I am THAT girl." Her confidence is palpable on the screen. It is so comforting and endearing to see a black women having that energy for herself. In her Twitter bio, Sha'carri states that "just know I'm not slowing down". 

Credit: NBC Sports

Black women shouldn't have to just express themselves physically in their chosen sport.


I think that is her confidence shining through. But it is seen as arrogance coming from her. Twitter feeds and talk shows were using Sha'carri's "arrogance" as a hot topic. Even Usain Bolt said to Richardson "train hard, be focused and don't say too much". I know Bolt meant well but if you read between the lines, it means the worst for black women. It means black woman can't have a personality or express their opinion in a boisterous way.  Trash talk is inherently part of the game. Instead of just seeing an athlete talking, you see the angry, too much black women stereotype being played out by Sha'carri. Its saddening and silencing that a black women being confident in herself is seen as too much. We don't say that to Usain Bolt or Lebron James. Trash talk is embedded in competition culture. So don't get mad at black women because they are confident in their abilities.

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